5 Things You Should Know About the Class 12 Board Exams

Your class 12 board examination results are very significant. It serves as a reference for anything from getting accepted to the college of your choice to landing the job you want. Your aptitude will be reflected in your board exam outcomes at every stage. So, be ready to present your finest self-right now.

Your preparation will be much easier than you anticipated if you quickly go over what you can do to ‘pass’ your class 12 board exams. Let’s look at the guidelines you need to adhere to:


You will need to conduct some research in order to develop a typical plan of action. However, if you hear the phrase “research,” don’t become anxious. You only need to,

Make charts of all the significant subjects that were brought up often in prior board exams.

List the topics for each subject in ascending order of significance. Depending on the importance of each issue, allot a specific amount of time.

For help in Physics follow: Class 12 Physics Notes

List the topics for each subject in ascending order of significance. Depending on the importance of each issue, allot a specific amount of time.

Set a goal to finish your study at least once in the four months before your board exam.

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If you ask your classmates who excelled in class 12 board exams, they would definitely say that the NCERT text books they received from school were the ones they referred to and studied the most. Therefore, you should thoroughly read and study each chapter in your text book.

Each chapter’s additional questions and numerical problems should be practised.

NEVER choose to take the class 12 board exam without first completing the prior year’s test questions.

For at least the past ten years, solving questions from previous years has consistently proven to be a sure-fire method to succeed on the boards. The identical question, or one very close to it, is frequently asked for the boards. Therefore, be sure to schedule some time to complete these exam papers.


As a result of the group discussions that will inevitably result from this study approach, you will have a greater comprehension of the subject. The most essential benefit of group learning is that it will help you remember what you learned for a long time.


Most of the time, students view sample test questions as just another exam that doesn’t need to be taken seriously. This is a grave error that has been made. The only reason for having these sample exams in school is to prepare you for the larger testing environment of your boards. After carefully examining the typical exam format and questions, your professors will set the questions for these test papers.

After that, you can plot your progress starting with your first sample test paper. You will be able to understand what you have been doing and what you need to accomplish by looking at this graph, to put it simply. Don’t forget to consistently raise the bar for performance.

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