Everything You Need to Know about Jute Rug Cleaning 

No doubt, jute rugs offer incomparable charm and softness to the floor. They can make any room look more naturally beautiful. However, every rug owner should know the hidden tricks to clean these floorings and extend their lifespan. So, read on to learn the uncommon ways to protect your flooring by Persian wool rug cleaning experts. 

Are Jute Rugs Easy to Clean? 

Yes! You have to vacuum your flooring twice a week and keep dust and debris at bay. Additionally, you can use an equal amount of white vinegar or diluted laundry soap and water for stain removal. Avoid using chemicals, shampoos or cleaners for spot cleaning. The detergents may respond differently to this naturally woven flooring.

The best part is that you may need only a potential vacuum cleaner for maintenance. You can use a vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to pull up the trapped dust or soil particles. To remove residual dirt, hang up the flooring and brush it with a bristled brush. Don’t rub the stains, always blot them.

These floorings don’t hold stains. However, improper care or incorrect cleaning technique can destroy any quality material. So, be careful. Invest in hiring commercial rug cleaning services once or twice a year for deep cleaning.

Made with natural fibres, the jute floorings last longer than expected. Clean the stains as soon as you spot them, have a vacuuming routine, watch your pets and keep them well-groomed so their nails won’t harm the fibres. 

Can You Wash Jute Rugs at Home? 

Don’t wash jute flooring at home as it shows watermarks if not dried well. That’s why steam cleaning is a big no for this rug. You can ask an expert about which detergents to use for spot cleaning and maintenance. Avoid even thinking about sending these floorings to your local clothes laundry shop. It may damage the rug forever. Instead, contact Rug Cleaning Service Perth and be ready to see your flooring shine like a new one.

Step-by-step Procedure for Jute Rug Cleaning at Home

1. Shake or Beat the Flooring 

Take the rug outside and shake it well to remove all loose soil particles and dust. The open weaves of the Jute flooring will release these particles if you give it a good shake.

2. Hang it Outside

As jute are natural fibres, a Sunbath works like an effective deodoriser. It removes moisture, bacteria, germs and foul odour.

3. Vacuum Clean

Even when you are sure that the mentioned two steps remove dust particles and odour, vacuum it with the lowest suction setting.

4. Give it a Dry Bath

As these rugs are allergic to moisture or wetness, a dry bath is best to clean them. 

  • Get a dry shampoo or use baking soda for spot cleaning. 
  • Sprinkle it on the flooring and let it sit for some hours. 
  • Flip the flooring and repeat the procedure. 
  • Vacuum the rug again to remove these solvents.

Follow these instructions, and you will get clean jute flooring! Along with this, hire commercial rug cleaning services for deep cleaning.   

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