Expert’s Advice on Restoring Moth Infested Rugs

Having to deal with moth infested rugs can be a hassle. These tiny insects can damage your beautiful flooring within a few days. However, the best part is that you can restore the damage and protect the rug from these bugs in the future by following the rug cleaning specialists’ advice. You will learn super-effective tips to save your flooring from these little monsters as you read further.

How to Save Your Moth Damaged Rug?

You may freak out by seeing the damaged areas of your expensive rug—however, it is not a hopeless situation. Follow these steps, and your flooring will be fine:

1. Vacuum the front and back sides of your flooring. Don’t use a beater brush extension to protect the rug from wear or tears. 

2. Hire professional rug cleaning Hobart specialists for deep cleaning. The experts use specialised shampoos, safe products and advanced techniques to remove all pollutants from the flooring. The deep cleaning process is different from DIY cleaning treatments. That’s why it’s necessary to hire professionals for this job. 

3. Identify the damaged patches, holes and moth-eaten areas. That will make you understand the type of repair you need. Moths may damage the edges of the flooring. Moths love dark and hidden places. These areas are rug borders hidden under the furniture most of the time. They can damage the middle part of the flooring if it is covered with a coffee table or similar settings. 

4. After determining the damage, schedule a rug repair service to restore the original state of your flooring. The professionals will restore your rug and make it look like a new one within a few hours!

Strictly avoid DIYs and other techniques as they may do more harm than good. Turn to reputed and experienced experts instead. The professionals have sure-shot ways to deal with any damage. Talk to them, and you will indeed have a solution soon.

Moth Infestation: Preventative Tips by Experts 

  • Deep clean your rugs regularly. Vacuum at least twice a week to get rid of pollutants and dust particles. 
  • Hire Persian rug cleaning and repair experts to inspect and restore your flooring. If you take care of your carpeting, observe the signs and keep it clean, moths won’t be able to enter the fibres. 
  • Place dried herbs like thyme, rosemary or lavender in a small bag and hang it near your rugs. It will keep the moths at bay. Replace these bags every couple of months. 
  • You can also use vinegar as moth larvae hate the acidic nature. Add equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the infected areas. 
  • Schedule a cleaning routine and stick to it. 

If the moths badly damage your flooring, arrange a rug repair service for restoration. The professionals use different techniques according to the condition of your flooring. With their advanced tools and methods, they may save your rug from the spreading deterioration of the moth. 

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