Citrine is a beautiful, precious yellow stone. These are not precious as ruby or diamond, they are very rare and valuable. Every jewelry made with these stone whatever it is pendant, earrings, or rings it look alluring. We are here to tell you some tips about citrine stones.  


Citrine is the most famous member of the quartz family. Quartz crystals are very common to find, and citrine is quite rare.  The explain features of this stone are the pale yellow color to an orangish-brown. Everyone get a confusion in topaz and citrine because of their color. As most other types of quartz, Citrine is the most stylish, long-lasting, and affordable in the quartz family. It has a value of 7 on the Mohs scale that means it is a harder but get scratch easily. 

History of citrine

Citrine obtains its name from the French word citron, which means lemon. Its name influence by its color. Earliest mentioned of this stone is in the Bible.  Another name of the stone is chrysalides, meaning golden stone in the Old Testament. This stone was most loved by the people of Roman and Greeks. , In ancient times these stones are used for safety from snake venom and evil thoughts.

It believes that citrine stones are the favorites of Queen Victoria. She mostly wore this stone jewelry to parties organized in the Balmorals castle. The guest of the party always tries to wear this stone in highland style. Citrine is most popular in Scottish highland. Thus it becomes crucial for the highland tradition. Even today it is worn as a small pin or chest pin. 

Birthstone and Anniversary

If you are going to celebrate you birthday in the month of November. So you may choose between topaz and citrine as your birthstone. It is also consider as a best gift for 13th wedding anniversary.

Type of citrine

The stone divide into two types: – namely natural and heat treated. The only difference between them is how they are formed 

  • Natural: – You can easily define natural citrine, which is a naturally occurring stone. The color of this stone is pale yellow. It is also available in brownish and orange verities. They are very rare in nature and too expensive. 
  • Heat-treated:- Citrine is very rare to find, they are often synthesized from other quartz stones. Most of the stones we get in the market are heat-treated ones. They are made with heat-treating amethysts. The heat gave darkness of the color. When stone treat with heating the value of the stone is not as much as a real one. 

How to identify the real and fake citrine

Citrine is the most applied yellow stone for making a piece of jewelry. Some jewelers gave you yellow glasses instead of yellow stone. Hence it is very important to know the difference between yellow glasses and citrine.

         When you are going to purchase a citrine you come across three possibilities.

  • The first one is natural Loose Citrine Stones.  Natural stones are expensive, they have a color tone. If the stone show another color tone, such as orange, or green, these stones are not real ones. 
  • The second verities are heat-treated once. These are not even citrine. They are doing a drastic change in color by gave a lab heat treatment. When the stone passes by the lab the tips may be very dark but the base is still white. The location is the best indicator to find a real one. If your jewelry is from Africa or Brazil, they are most likely to real one.  
  • The third and the very most one, the colored glasses, and the synthetic ones. These are not related to citrine nor a crystal. They are the fake once variety. The only thing that you can easily find in fake glasses is that they will appear very clear. Naturally citrine has a cloudy appearance around the base and in the colored glass, you can see a bubble in the corner.    


If you want to make a classy statement, you don’t need to give much effort if you choose Citrine jewelry from Chordia Jewels. Citrine lend an alluring appeal to every piece of jewelry.  You find classy and stylish Citrine jewelry which steals your heart simply. Citrine jewelry is better than other types of jewelry in terms of quality and appearance. You can also gift Citrine jewelry to your friend, mother, and loved ones.

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