Online Shopping 2021-2022 A record-breaking Week

Cyber ​​Week, a 7-day period between December 2021 and Start of New Year 2022, disrupted all forms of e-commerce selling records this year, with many Pakistani shoppers opting to shop online to avoid crowds of stores despite COVID-19 concerns.

Data from Google, which uses Google Analytics to track trillion visits and 100 million SKUs from 80 of the top 100 retailers in Pakistan, revealed that customers spent $34.4 million during Cyber Week this year. Unexpectedly, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday provided the bulk of the budget within five days.

According to the survey, $ 10.8 million was recorded online at the end of Cyber ​​Monday, up 15.1% year-on-year, making it the largest online shopping day in Pakistan’s history. Broke last year’s record of $5.4 million. Cyber ​​Monday added total spending for the season (November to Cyber ​​Monday) more than the $80 million and $90.5 million (23.9% YoY), more than this significant seven days before last year. In addition, smartphones earned 46.3% of their revenue in five days, up 8.8% year-on-year.

Note: social networks generate a lot of online sales. During Thanksgiving weekend, for example, social media drove one in ten visits to retail websites, an increase of 22% annually. The growth here is something to watch out for, as social media generates only 10% of internet revenue. Organic search is the biggest source of income over time in terms of revenue growth, growing 13% per year. Ongoing payroll controls govern both the amount of revenue they receive in this year’s distribution (26% and 25% respectively), but traffic is short-lived (24% and 25%).

Curbside import options, in particular, have seen strong growth among buyers who want to avoid crowds and delay shipping. “In the rest of the holiday season, we look forward to continuing market recordings with the curbside pickup to get even more energy as customers avoid crowds and shipping capacity delays”, Says Muhammad Atta, director of digital information at

FOMO – whether scary or not – hit people hard during the last hours of Cyber ​​Monday. During the “gold trading hours” (7-11 p.m. PST), consumers spent $ 1.6 million online, accounting for one-fourth of their daily earnings. The peak time is between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm, which is worth buying up to $8 per minute.

On Cyber ​​Monday, consumers experienced some significant reductions in computers (24%), toys (18%), accessories (25%) and clothing. electronics (26%). Money cuts are expected to decrease by 6-12% in most categories in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Children’s toys are a popular pastime during Cyber ​​Monday, as well as the Ertugrul series, a vTech-branded toy, scooter and video game that opens an all-children’s list. Electronic devices like Apple AirPods and clocks, HP and Dell computers, and Chromecast are also popular. Finally, roadside imports saw a 25% annual growth on Cyber ​​Monday. For last-minute online shopping, the preferred shipping option is One Day Shipping (43%), followed by Curbside Pickup (32%).

Atta said, “Cyber ​​Monday continued to dominate the holiday shopping season, becoming the largest day in the history of online shopping in Pakistan, despite early retail spending, “M. Atta said.

Friday morning

Consumers spent $ 9 million online during Black Friday, 22.3% up from a year ago. It is the second largest internet spending day in Pakistan’s history, behind Cyber ​​Monday 2021. Pakistani consumers spent $1 million a minute shopping online on Black Friday, or an average of $12.30 per person. Used by $ 0.8 million by phone, an increase of 20.3% annually, accounting for 50% of total internet spending. Shop prices on the sidelines have increased 51% on Black Friday as more shoppers want to avoid shopping in local stores.

During Black Friday, online retailers experienced the biggest declines in computers (29%), electronics (29%), mobile (21%), toys (19%) and household items. sports (17%). The most popular children’s games on Black Friday are Star Wars, Hot Wheels, NERF and video games. When it comes to electronics and apps, Apple AirPods, Sony and Samsung are the most popular.

As internet spending continues to increase over the course of Cyber ​​2021, some types of products saw great demand compared to the average daily November. These include toys (254%) and personal care products (173%).

Prior to Saturday’s small trading session, small retailers saw early success with a 545% uptrend on Black Friday, compared to the average for the previous month, with a 111% increase in sales. week compared to November. According to Google’s survey data, 42% of shoppers plan to support small retailers in the region during this holiday season, while 31% say they will try to shop from small retailers during the holidays.

New Year Day also saw a new level of consumer spending spending $ 9.2 million online, up 29.3% year-on-year (online sales reached $2.4 billion on New Year Day). Congratulations on 2021). As the mobile shopping experience continues to grow, almost half (44.4%) of all online shopping comes from smartphones, recording new records.

In addition, retailers offer side-by-side shots with a conversion rate of 41% on their site. We hope this will be a great success as Christmas approaches, and that free shipping options continue to decrease.

M. Atta said, “While we have seen the New Year Day record spent more than $2.4 billion online, the growth rate we have seen at the onset of this disease is inconsistent.” “While price reductions and strong growth since the beginning of November have been successful in persuading consumers to open their wallets early, many retailers have postponed some of their shopping. their offer until Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Expecting the best deal. “

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