What is a dry flower?

Dried flowers are now prima donna among connoisseurs of ornamental plants. Their advantages make the public not hesitate to rely on them on various occasions. Especially when carrying out activities to decorate a room or make a series of decorations with aesthetic nuances.

As the name implies, their characteristics are attached to dryness. They can still live even though the surrounding environment is ultimate without water. Armed with these characteristics, they certainly have a better survival rate than fresh flowers.

So don’t be surprised if now many people tend to like them. Gradually, fresh flower lovers are even willing to switch to this zone. The reason is that they are reluctant to deal with the weakness of fresh flowers whose survival rate is limited.

It must be challenging to make flower decorations whose composition uses fresh flowers. When freshly picked, flowers must always be kept fresh by giving water regularly. The flowers slowly withered after such treatment due to the long production process.

In fact, we all know that the stages of making decorative flower arrangements definitely require a long process. The producer can’t always pay attention to the quality of the freshness of the flowers. Flowers have been placed as decorations or ornaments, left without water, and eventually die.

That’s why they are selling well in the market. They are very free from all obstacles related to maintaining the freshness of the flowers. Once they are used, packaged, and assembled into decorations, the producers just sit back and wait for their work to be finished.

We would like to provide an interesting review about dried flowers on this occasion. Those of you who don’t know and need further information, of course, it is very suitable to read our article. Instead of getting more curious, let’s see our article below!

Characteristics of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are originally fresh flowers picked from a garden. A different touch then happened after that. Flowers get a special treatment that makes them dry.

The treatment is drying the flowers. A more concise description, flowers are deliberately left to dehydrate naturally. If that’s the case, the flowers will automatically dry by themselves.

When the dryness level is as desired, the flowers should be recolored. When it dries, the original color of the petals fades slightly. The petals need to be colored again to maintain beauty.

You may find it difficult to distinguish between dry flowers and preserved flowers. These two types of flowers have almost the same characteristics. They have a more robust survival than fresh flowers. The difference lies only in the treatment given after the flowers are picked.

Preserved fresh flowers actually also undergo a drying process. How to dry preserved flowers need to be assisted with some additional ingredients, such as glycerin and substances from other plants. The drying treatment does not occur naturally.

Most people prefer dried flowers to preserved flowers. Understandably, natural drying is a relatively short process. If it is dried using additional ingredients, the process takes longer. It can take a matter of several days.

They do not mean free from weakness. The drying process is indeed shorter. The problem is when it is packaged into decoration. The quality of the strength of the stalks and petals is reduced. Not to mention the issue of color slowly fading, even though it has been given a touch of recoloring.

The Best Types of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are very suitable for packaging into flower arrangements or decorative ornaments. You can order online through Flower Singapore if you want to have it. There are many kinds of choices, you just need to adjust them to your liking. But we want to first explain some of the best types that you should choose.

– Baby’s Breath

This flower has extraordinary beauty on the petals. The white color they have really exuded an aura of elegance. It’s no wonder that many people often rely on Baby’s Breath as decorative flowers for weddings.

You all can actually easily have Baby’s Breath. Various flower shops sell it in the form of fresh flowers. But not a few florists package them into dried flowers.

When it’s dried, the beauty of Baby’s Breath is still enchanting. The elegant white color that fills the petals does not fade in the slightest. Even more beautiful because the flower stalks bring out a brown pattern, which matches the white paint on the flower petals.

– Pampas

The second type worth knowing is the Pampas. This one flower has the advantage of being quite large in size. When used as decoration, the Pampas can appear striking, exuding their beauty. Pampas is also suitable when dried and used as ornamental plants. Moreover, when combined with a vase with an aesthetic design, its beauty will surely be more enchanting.

– Lagurus

The third type we will discuss is Lagurus. This flower is gorgeous. He has a brown color on the petals. When dried and made into decorations or flower arrangements, Lagurus can be an accessible material to combine with other colored flowers.

– Setaria

Looking at its shape, Setaria, at a glance, is very similar to Lagurus. The difference lies only in the petals that are not too hairy. Yes, Setaria has fur that is not as thick as Lagurus. When it is dried, Setaria flowers are undoubtedly worthy of being used as ornamental plants to beautify the room. You can put it on your desk to make the work atmosphere more cheerful and comfortable.

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