What is Happy Ending Massage?

What happens in a happy ending massage?

Each massage therapist will have its own protocol and the details will vary. This is what you can expect from a happy ending to a massage.

People have probably made jokes about happy end massages. They aren’t a myth. There are happy endings. A happy ending massage can be described as a massage that ends with a hand job (if you are a man or have a penis reach out to Rachit company- Jaipur Escort Service). They’ve traditionally been considered something only for men. This is why many people wonder if happy ending massages are available to women. They do.

A happy ending for women and those with vulvas is fingering and/or stimulation. Some first-person accounts of massages ending with blow jobs or penetration sex (sometimes called ‘The Business’ in the industry), but that is not the true definition of a happy ending. Here’s all you need to know about finding a happy ending massage and how to ask your massage therapist to make it happen. You can find more detail here at Lucknow Escort Service for service you can call them also.

Step 1 – Preparing for the Massage

As with all massages, you will be taken to the place (most likely a bedroom) and asked to take off your clothes before you lay down on the massage beds. It is a good idea to shower before you go. Massages are usually performed with the client lying down. Masseuses can explain to you whether you should remove your underwear or cover it with a towel. This is called draping. Ask if you are unsure.

Step 2 – A slow, sensual start to the massage.

Your massage therapist will start working on your back. You may be asked if you prefer hot oils or lotion. You may see them dressed up, down, or naked. You can discuss this beforehand with your masseuse, indicating your preference. Your masseuse might start to incorporate your erogenous areas into the massage slowly. A full-body massage can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. The length of the massage will likely be agreed upon beforehand.

Step 3 – The massage is elevated

Halfway through the massage you will be asked to lie down on your back. The massage could involve your neck, breasts, chest, breasts, thighs, chest, or face. You may be asked for consent before they move towards your erogenous areas. They might also ask you for non-verbal cues such as your moaning or opening your legs slightly.

Step 4 – The happy ending

This usually happens at the very end. If you have a towel covering your genitals, a hand job or clitoral stimulation/fingering can be given underneath the towel. Some people might be asked to use a condom. If the masseuse has given their consent, do not touch them. This part is often over quickly according to many first-person accounts. A happy ending massage should be about sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Step 5: Freshen up

After your happy ending is over, you might be given a towel to dry off with. You may be asked by your masseuse to leave the area so you can get dressed at your own pace. Put the condom and towel in the trash.

Step 6 – Tipping

Tipping is customary. You should tip according to the service and location. Use your best judgement. Remember to say thank-you!

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